E-Consent Consent for Electronic Signatures, Records, and Disclosures (“E-Consent”)

All requests for Services for providing your information to potential Lenders involves various disclosures, records, and documents (“Information Disclosures”), including this Electronic Consent Agreement. By submitting a Service request from us and a loan request from a Lender you agree to our disclosure of your registration form and to be contacted by a Lender. The purpose of this Electronic Consent Agreement is to obtain your consent to such disclosure and to provide the Lender with your written authority and consent to execute all transactions related to loan products using electronic disclosures and records, receive certain Loan Documents in electronic form rather than in paper form. With Your consent, you will also be able to sign and authorize these Loan Documents electronically.

Before engaging in this transaction electronically with Lender, it is important that you understand your rights and responsibilities. Please read the following and affirm your consent to conduct business electronically. For purposes of this Electronic Consent Agreement, “e-disclosures” means not only your registration form with us but also the Lender’s Loan Documents related to their transaction with you that are provided electronically, “You” and “Your” mean the borrower(s) under the applicable loan to which such Loan Documents apply, and “We”, “Our” and “Us” means and the Lender with whom You are transacting business for such loan(s).


Your consent to participate in this transaction electronically online will apply to all third-party lender transactions. If you provide your consent by clicking the “Request Your Loan Now” button at the bottom of the page, the transaction shall be conducted electronically. All third-party lenders will adhere to the following:

  • Third party lenders maintain all disclosures required by law.
  • Third party lender websites contain all applicable disclosures.
  • All disclosures in paper form can be provided to you free of charge.


Your Electronic Consent for the loan product matching service provided by cannot be withdrawn due to the nature of the transaction. This is a single transaction that takes place at a single moment in time. However, you do reserve the right to withdrawal you Electronic Consent with third party lenders at any time without penalty. If you decide to withdrawal Electronic Consent from a third-party lender, it may prevent you from obtaining credit. You must withdrawal Electronic Consent with the lender directly. If you originally agree to Electronic Consent, but later withdraw your consent, all prior electronic disclosures remain in effect.


In order to view and/or obtain electronic disclosures, you must have a computer with Internet access and an Internet email account and address; an Internet browser using 128-bit encryption or higher, a PDF file reader, SSL encryption and access to a printer or the ability to download information in order to keep copies of your electronic disclosures for your records. All questions regarding your loan transaction should be sent directly to third party lenders


You must promptly notify third party lenders of changes to your email address and physical mailing address, or other information needed to contact you. All changes to contact information may be completed at third party lender websites or by physical mail.


By submitting your loan request, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Electronic Consent Agreement and acknowledge that you have full access to the disclosures listed above. You also consent to submitting and receiving required information electronically, and to the use of electronic records and signatures in connection with your transaction(s).